Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Ryan Howard Dual Auto!

I recently picked up a Ryan Howard and Mark Teixeira dual auto. (Yes I looked up how to spell Teixeira).

As you can see it is numbered out of 99 and quite red in its background. It was already graded when I got it so I didn't pay for that fee. (I personally wouldn't have bothered to get it graded) 

Good story about Tex, last year my girlfriend and I went to Yankee Stadium for the first time to check it out when I was living in Manhattan. The girl behind us in the stands kept yelling how much she loved Tex and Swish and how great they were etc etc. I didn't really have a rooting interest in the game (it was Yankees vs Angels) (Angels won 7-1). But back to my narrative, one of the Yankees hit in the RBI and the guy this loud girl was with was like nice Riiibeee. And the girl immediately snaps back and says whats a riiibeee about 5 times until the guy answers and says RBI. Not sure of the point of telling the story but thats about all the experience I have with Mr. Teixeira (if that counts). 

Either way,  I like that he is in a Rangers uni. Looks good next to the Ryan Howard Phillies jersey. 

Thanks for reading! 

Also, I have been slowly getting organized. I have piles of every team currently on my desk ready to trade for Phillies! Not sure exactly how I am going to go about it (some have several hundred cards). But if  you are interested in a team (mostly base some inserts) Let me know and I can hold em for you til we work something out! 

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  1. Hell - I would have to look up how to spell Howard.