Thursday, June 20, 2013

Museum Collection -- First look and Very Happy Look!

I recently acquired 2 cards from this years Museum Collection for my PC. I obviously mainly collect Phillies cards and this was no exception! I was happy with the first card acquired and then extremely happy with the 2nd card.. oooo the suspense (unless you just looked at the scans in which case not much suspense)

This first card I saw on Arpsmith's Blog and knew I wanted a copy. Thankfully went for cheaper then I was willing to pay and its a nice looking card in person.. Jumbo Lumber Mike Schmidt!

It's a nice addition to my Mike Schmidt collection. I now have 3 or 4 relics and I think 6 or 7 Autos (not all of them on cards).

Now check this baby out!


I audibly gasped when I saw this card come available. After a bit of negotiating and some back and forth I talked the seller down to a number we could agree on and had the card in hand 2 days later!

It deserves the Extra Large picture treatment (sorry sidebar). The name is perfectly centered which makes it even better! (I've seen ones not so nicely centered) This is my 5th Ryan Howard one of one and rivals the Topps Chrome Superfractor as my favorite! It's only for trade if you have first born children available (haha just kidding)

Thanks for reading!

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