Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Awesome Monster Hit!

I picked this card up because I really like the look of it and its a One of One!

It's a sweet 2 color patch with an auto to boot! Only thing to make it better would be an on card auto. I'll have to check but I think thats 5 or 6 autos now of Mr Howard that I have! Pretty good.. I had 0 at the start of the year! I'm watching a few more one of ones that I hope to snag in the next few days! I love how much cheaper it is to snag singles then it is to buy cases and cases (although I would have fun opening cases and cases) On a completely unrelated note when I hit the Powerball I am going to quit my job and open a card store just for fun! The prices will be at cost cause I'd be able to afford that and everyone would have fun hanging out at my awesome store! Can't Wait!

Also, this card is cool, thanks for checking it out!

If you want to trade let me know always up for a good trade! (although I won't be trading the card above)


  1. I mailed you cards today. Not like this but I think I sent you some good ones.....

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