Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not a baseball post

I recently become a seller on ebay (within the last 6 months or so) I haven't had any issues and everything has gone smoothly. One or two non payers but no biggie I re-listed and ended up making more haha! I just wanted to say good bye to 3 cards I sold that were quite literally sitting in a shoe box under some stuff for the better part of 10 years!

I'll never forget what I traded for this card. Gave up an Ernham Djinn from the Arabian Nights set! What a great trade for me.. at the time same exact book value.. now not so much. This card sells for way more! Goooo younger me!

This card was actually given to me by a friend who was leaving the hobby. He told me to sell it then ( I should've listened) I probably left a hundred on the table and I actually never used this card in play not once.

I probably overpaid for this on a trade. I gave up a Volcanic Island and one other dual land (don't remember which) All dual lands sell for a pretty penny these days so this card didn't quite make up for it! Still like the Legends set though very sharp looking cards. 

I enjoy nostalgia as much as the next person. I am still piecing out parts of my M:tg collectiong when I have time, but I will not be selling my hand collated 4th edition set that I completed when I was 11 years old. Now that was an accomplishment all 378 cards in a nice binder! 

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!


  1. I never really understood Magic, but I always loved the artwork and what was written on them, plus I thought the mana cards were cool too.

  2. I used to play Magic with my younger brothers...still have all my old cards somewhere at my parent's house though we didn't really get started until Mercadian Masques (sp?). I'm pretty sure that whole block was garbage but we loved it back then.