Sunday, June 16, 2013

Almost summer but I have Spring Fever!

Been busy with stuff lately so I didn't post the last few days. All good stuff though so no worries! I have a largish purchase coming shortly that I am really looking forward too! A huge PC hit!

I recently picked up all 50 of the Spring Fever set because I was too lazy to search for Phillies singles.. and there are no Phillies in the set! Who knew ! Either way it's still a nice looking set and I think it ran me 10 bucks or so which isn't so bad.

I like shiny, so I do like this set. It's a nice mix of players of today and yester year. I stopped by the local Toys R Us to see if Series 2 hit yet but they didn't have any. Does anyone know if they are doing the purple parallels in that series as well. If so I'm going to clean them out and have a good ole time opening packs!

My vintage collection was slowed a little bit mainly because I haven't been to a show lately and those are my favorite place to look for deals. (Picked up a sweet Nolan Ryan rookie for about 100 bucks)

I realize this post has now covered 4 topics.. I shall end it on a happy note! Summer is in less then a week and that means beach weather!

Thanks for reading!

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