Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rolling with the Trade Posts -- Democratic Roadkill!

I recently completed a 'mini' trade with Democratic Roadkill! He was super easy to deal with so check out his blog! He is in the market for mini's and we made a quick an easy trade. I had just opened my gint a cuffs box and gave him all the mini's he needed for that.

He responded with a smorgasbord of Phillies little cards:

A nice eclectic mix of mini's! Definitely all new to me so that's always a plus!

Always like 1960 Topps cards! This set is really colorful. It's on the possible short list of vintage sets that I would love to complete some day!

He was also kind enough to shoot me over a new Frank Thomas card and some more Phillies!

All in all a quick easy and great trade! Just the way it should be done!

Thanks for the trade and thanks for reading!


  1. thanks for the trade.... glad I was able to send a few cards you didnt have! I ummm...had filed away the cards you sent before scanning which messed up the whole posting about the trade thing... hopefully we can swing another deal sometime soon....