Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A "Rhino" 1 of 1!

As always, I never buy boxes of Triple Threads because they are expensive and you rarely get the bang for the buck. But I am usually looking to pick up the rare Ryan Howards for way way less then the price of the box!

Check out the latest 1 of 1 from this year!

The patch is decent. Multi colored etc. I like the design of this card though. The swirlies and what not in the background make it pop out.

For comparison's sake here is a 1 of 1 from last year's triple threads.

Not as cool as background.. WAY better patch. I also like the Sapphire patches from last year too. Maybe they used up all the cool parts of the jersey on 2012. Either way, I'm happy with the pickup and it didn't break the bank!

Thanks for reading!

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