Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pull of the Year!

Last year's pull of the year was a Matt Moore / Jeremy Hellickson die cut auto numbered to 5 out of 2012 Topps Chrome!

This year it's also from Topps Chrome.. but I never actually had the card in hand before trading it. Even though it's a redemption nothing beat the excitement of pulling this rare card.

As many of you readers know I was able to trade it for a Michael Jordan rookie card graded 6.5. (I wanted a graded version simply for authenticity purposes).

Every year I open 1 case of Chrome so it's not a big surprise that my largest hit comes out of it. I bought a couple other random boxes but nothing else in bulk.

Also, if you need any base cards I have a ton of extra (including an extra base set) so please let me know.

This year has been good for my collection. I changed my habits some but I believe I am more focused on what I want. I have 2 main player collections in Ryan Howard and Frank Thomas. I've enjoyed chasing their cards down. The Frank Thomas NNOF is the holy grail at the moment.

I completed my dream of owning real life Mickey Mantle cards from the 50s and 60s. I always marveled at those cards as a kid and it feels good knowing I own them now. The banner on my page is hard to top in my opinion as far as centerpieces of a collection go. I would love to own the 1952 Topps of course but the prices were a bit out of my range. (Maybe if I hit it huge at the casino I'll splurge!)

I had the opportunity to show off a ton of my Ryan Howard's and I've added a few more since. I wish him a speedy recovery and a great season!

I don't have any specific goals for collecting. I just do what I feel would be fun! That's the whole point. Most of the time I do not like selling my cards but I do now and again. I live right near a Toys R Us that usually gets a ton of those purple parallel packs. I'm debating if I want to load up on those in 2014. I had this grand plan last year to sell them off for a profit. I ended up selling a few but I'm still sitting on over 100 of them. I got close to breaking even so it wasn't a total loss.

All in all a solid year of baseball!

Thanks for reading! 

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