Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy days in between Christmas and New Year's!

I like these last few days of the year. It's usually semi quiet at work and things wind down a bit before the new year and then it all comes back to reality afterwards. But I enjoy it while it all lasts. The Holidays were good, no family members killed anyone!

Anyways, been in a semi collecting lull. I haven't purchased any new product since the Chrome case. I did buy a couple old school boxes recently though. A 1999 Pacific Revolution box and a 1998 Stadium Club the Odds. They weren't expensive and tons of fun! Once I get them scanned I will share what I pulled! Love 90's Shine!

Check out some other randomness!

I'm not sure if this is considered 'on-card' but it's close enough for me! I was able to snag it for around 10 bucks too which I thought was really good! I don't think it will fade based on the pen that was used. It goes nicely next to the Mike Schmidt sweet spot auto!

Thanks for reading! Hope your year end goes well!

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