Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pink Refractor!

This year Topps added some new colors to Topps Chrome make it more difficult to put together rainbows. Thankfully the Pink Ryan Howard numbered out of 5 showed up on ebay and I was able to snag it quickly. I am still searching for the Super! Any help finding it I will reward with some sort of cards!

Here is Mr. Howard in pink!

I do like the picture they used for this Topps card. The Five Star picture is kinda bad.. I don't have any in hand yet but once I do I will be sure to show it.

One card and 2 printing plates away  from the rainbow! It will look sweet next to the 2012 Rainbow once I find it. I hope the super gets pulled and known to the public at large though (always a risk when not starting the rainbow with that card!)

I have been a little bit lazy on scanning this week. I haven't had any trades but I did win a contest! So I do want to show some of that stuff. I'm slowly organizing some things and will be happy to show some cool vintage stuff in the coming weeks!

Happy holidays and thanks for reading!


  1. Good luck with your rainbow dreams!

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