Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Philly Show Recap!

I usually split this into several posts, but usually no one reads the last couple! (or maybe one of you) So.. I decided to put my thoughts and pickups into one post. My budget was undetermined up until right before the show. I went to the casino that week and won some money and that was my budget! We (Fiance and I) decided to go vintage heavy and maybe pick up some modern if it was something that caught our eye. We did well sticking to the plan.

I didn't get anyone's autograph in person. Roy Halladay had quite a line. It wasn't cheap though (99 dollars without inscription). It was cool to see him and Jim Bunning sitting one table over. Also, Hollis Thomas (former Eagles DT) was broadcasting on the radio (he is a massive human being).

Check out some of the stuff!

This is an auto from 2006 Topps Turkey Red. I wasn't collecting in those years so its always nice to get cards from them. What sold me on it is the On Cardness of it. I've gotten more picky with my Howard pickups lately and thats one of the deal breakers (unless extremely rare). Also, now I am up to over 90 Autos/Relics of Ryan Howard! Almost to triple digits! 

1964 Topps! Here comes the vintage focus. We took out a good chunk from 1964, Over 20 cards! 

1965 Topps! Another awesome set! (One day hope to get all of them) And a 1963 snuck in there as well!

Two 1957 cards, a couple high number 1961's (these are tough to find apparently) and a bunch of 1962's!

Overall, had a great time. Saw the usual dealers and some new faces. Always a ton of vintage and pre-war at this show. Also, the Frank Thomas NNOF does exist. I was able to see one in person for the first time in my life. Shame I didn't hit the jackpot at the casino to pay for that one.

We completed the 1957 Topps and 1963 Topps Phillies team sets! One card away from 1961 and real close on 62. Next show is in December. Not sure which day we will be attending (Sat or Sun) but we should be going regardless!

Made 2 box purchases as well (haven't scanned the cards yet) 2 boxes of 1989 Fleer. Hit 2 Griffey Rookies! Money in the bank!

After the show hung out with some friends and hit up mainline restaurant week. Delicious!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great cards! 90 auto/relic cards of one player is really impressive!

  2. Great cards! 90 is a bunch for one player. I may be able to come close with the number on Bay but I don't think I have 90.

  3. Awesome stuff! Really cool that your fiance shares in your hobby with you!