Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trade with Remember the Astrodome!

I recently completed my first trade with Remember the Astrodome! Shockingly, he is an Astros fan! I sent him all the hits I could find and he sent me back some cool stuff! Anyone who hits up my vintage want list, I like! In the last couple weeks I've knocked off over 100 cards from the 70s and 80s! Slowly chipping away from the Phillies team sets! I've had a lot of fun slowly building into these and look forward to the chase for the 60s cards!

Without further delay, here is the mentioned vintage!

1972 Topps was a good year for baseball cards. The design is very pleasing to the eye. Maybe after the Phillies quest is over, this set could be next! Who knows so many things I want to do! 

Two game used cards I didn't have! I really don't have many Roy Halladay hits at all! He will always be loved in Philly though. The guy was the man when he pitched. I did go to the game last year where he was honored to get his bobblehead and he gave a short speech before the game which was nice to see. The Topps Archives relics are hard to find sometimes. The autos were actually easier odds, go figure! Thanks for the trade, if I get some more Astros in the future will let you know!

Thanks for reading!

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