Saturday, March 23, 2019

A 3-Pack of Nola!

I've been on a Nola kick lately. I've amassed a few autographs some rare some not so rare but he always signs with a nice signature. He obviously is currently the ace of the pitching staff and is the Opening Day starter. Harper is seemingly getting it rolling in spring training. I hope he has his timing down when the season starts in FIVE days! I did my first fantasy draft before the Japan Series. I had 12th pick which is fine. I ended up getting Harper, Judge, Hoskins and Carrasco as my top 4 picks. I wanted Judge or Harper and when they both fell I said screw it and took both.

Here are the trio of autos I picked up at the last show.

This is a sticker auto but its a nice Rookie card auto from Bowman Platinum.

These Strata autos are really sharp. The window around the auto is acetate. 

I really liked the look of this auto. The red on red make it pop quite nice.

Pretty happy with the 3 pickups. Excited for the upcoming season. Even happier the Phillies signed Harper now seeing that every single player is signing an extension before hitting free agency.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That last card looks fantastic, as you mentioned, the red border really does accentuate the signature.

  2. Nola autos used to be so cheap. Theyve doubled in the past year which is a bummer.