Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Day before Opening Day!

Super psyched for tomorrow! The real season begins! Spring is in the air! (despite it being cold) I'm currently watching a documentary called Fastball and the first scene has Justin Verlander talking about baseball! I have my last fantasy draft tonight at 9 pm, all the injury news is out. Some insignificant (sorry Steven Souza Jr, sucks professionally and I would not wish that on you but for fantasy purposes doesn't matter) some significant (Francisco Lindor, hurt again! Might not be his year?) All I know is I'm a big Phillies fan and I already have Harper and Hoskins on 1 team and Hoskins on another, so double reasons to cheer for my own team!

I'll be going down to the stadium for the first game. I hope its buzzing like it was in 2008. Everyone hanging on every pitch and goes crazy when good things happen.

Also from a card point of view, I'm super interested in getting a Harper auto in a Phillies uniform. I was debating selling my USA one (not the Topps Chrome black) to fund paying for a Phillies uniform one. Or I'll just get a Phillies uniform one and keep the other 2. I collect like that.

 I was able to snag the Hoskins RC image variation for under 20 dollars. Pretty happy about that and the picture is fun.

Can't wait to watch this guy!

Thanks for reading!

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