Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Some Pretty good Pitchers..!

Earlier this month the Wife and I went to the Philly card show in King of Prussia. As I mentioned in a previous post. I just got around to scanning all the wares. Figured I would start with some 'oldies' but goodies. I didn't go all the way back to the 50s this time (still going for some old bowman but just didn't really look for it at the show)

These cards satisfy my unofficial but ever growing Hall of Fame RC PC. I haven't created a list (probably should since I've picked up quite a bit of random) so I pick up cards by memory.

 Some guys name Randy, Pedro and Roy. They were pretty good. Pedro was a Phillies player for a short time. It was at the tail end of his career but he was still fun to watch. Halladay spent 4 years in Philly, although a short term he made a big impact. Won a well deserved Cy Young, threw a no hitter and a perfect game. Johnson I always wanted to join the Phillies when he was playing but it just was never in the cards. I wonder why the Pedro is so cheap and the Rivera goes for so much in the same set. Is it simply just the Yankees effect? I thought Pedro was pretty popular being on the Red Sox for a good chunk of his dominant years.

As I was typing this OBJ got traded. Didn't see that coming.. uh go Browns?!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I always like when dealers put rookies in specially designated toploaders, of if they don't have any of those, make sure it's noted with a sticker... just in case!

  2. I think the difference between Mo and Pedro prices is the clothes they are wearing.