Saturday, March 30, 2019

Opening Day Review!

Or re-hash more then a review. My friend and I went to Phillies Opening Day again! This year was awesome. The place was packed and the crowd was really into it. We arrived around 11:45ish and parked in the K lot at the Linc (where the Eagles play) under the solar panels. The lot is directly across the street from the stadium. We brought some adult beverages and had hoagies for food. Didn't really feel like dealing with charcoal to put the whole grilling together. Hoagies are always delicious and a nice alternative. Two other friends met up with us since they live close by and hung out for a bit before the game. They went into Xfinity live to watch after tailgating. (For those that don't know Xfinity is a bunch of restaurants and bars in the parking lot of the Wachovia Center, they show games on a massive screen and everyone can watch)

We headed into the game around 2:15, the line to get in was insane. The metal detectors really slow the pace down.

All the lines were open but there is such a mass of people everyone is in line but no one is really in line correctly. They should hire me to fix this problem.

We were able to get in before the first pitch thankfully. We did miss the guy parachuting in though but that's ok.

This is Aaron Nola warming up. We were sitting 3rd base side (obviously) in the upper deck. Good view of the field so no complaints there.

This was Harper taking a pitch in his first at-bat. For his first at bat everyone stood up the whole time which doesn't happen too often for an at-bat in the first inning of a game. He grounded out to first base and then everyone clapped for him. Never seen that before at a baseball game. By the third at bat some yahoo behind me was yelling to trade him. Gotta love Philly.

Overall view from our seats.

My guy Hoskins in his first at bat. I didn't get a picture right before he cranked that Grand Slam!

Had an amazing time at the game. The weather was great, people were genuinely excited. Nola pitched great like most of last year. McCutchen started the game off with a bang when he hit that HR right away. Some inebriated fellow behind us went nuts and kept yelling that he had 1,500 dollars on the game. Quite amusing. I didn't see any fan incidents or anything bad at all.

Side note, this was only the 2nd Grand Slam I have ever seen a person. Last time I saw one live was in High school against the Dodgers when none other then Travis Lee hit it. I remember the game well because Gary Sheffield almost got tossed for arguing with the umpires.

Did some digging, found the box score to that game!

Travis Lee hit it off of Eric Gagne!

My drought of not seeing a Grand Slam is over!

Thanks for reading, cheers to many more games and Phillies wins this year!

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  1. Trade him after his 3rd at bat. Yup that sounds like Philly alright.