Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Fun first week!

Baseball is buzzing again in Philly. Even with the basketball playoffs about to begin with Simmons and Embiid everyone is talking Harper and the Phillies. Even though they lost today in brutal fashion, the offense has been hitting. Scoring 8 runs and losing is more on the pitching and defense then the bats. Harper has started strong obviously and I would love to see him stay hot as long as possible. My fantasy teams have been up and down, but it's a long season, I'll just coach them up (come on Trout hit some home runs!)

I picked this card up at the last card show. Yes I already had 1 but I'm a sucker for Frank Thomas Rookie Cards. I have a few of them. Can never go wrong with adding to The Big Hurt collection!

Also picked up this nice on-card Jim Bunning auto. Only my 2nd auto of his but I liked the look of the card and wanted a nice auto to add to the Phillies PC. Also, pretty sure I paid like 8 dollars for it so yea I was going to buy it regardless if I needed it or not.

Going to another Phillies game next week, looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have that same Jim Bunning auto, even pulled it from a pack!

  2. I might end up throwing more support behind the Phils than normal this year. With as bad as the Cubs have looked and as "phun" as your club has looked and the fact that they are my wife's favorite team, it might be the only way to make this season bearable for me!