Sunday, August 17, 2014

A rookie auto!

I recently added my 3rd Bowman's best rookie auto of none other then Ryan Howard. This one is already encased which is fine with me (I don't like paying grading fees but if it's already done and the card is the right price I don't care)

Nice looking card. I could probably clean the surface and get it bumped up, but meh that's not a priority. If anyone wants to sell me these graded for under 30 bucks I'm cool with it! The Phillies unfortunately have been disappointing this season. Ruben Amaro isn't exactly inspiring in his ability to run the team either. I hope they get some new blood in here and get some fresh ideas on how to get back to their 2008 levels.

On a side note, the Phillies are bad, tickets are cheap! I went to a game last weekend for 15 bucks and got a Roy Halladay bobble head doll which is a nice give away.

On a semi football related note, I went to Fantasy Football fest on Saturday at the Xfinity center in Philly. That was a good time. A little crazy in the beginning with the amount of people that were there (tickets were free) but I thought it was well organized and they gave away a ton of stuff. Got a frisbee and a new hat!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is a nice card!

    I'm sure Amaro will be fired after the season. The one thing he was trying to avoid was a complete rebuild, but by keeping all the older players it is exactly what is going to happen. At least the Phillies have money. Some smart free agent contracts and they could be right back in it. The Red Sox did it last year!