Sunday, August 31, 2014

What's in a Case halfway mark! (Rarest hit of the break!)

We have officially reached the halfway point of my favorite (only?) series of the year that I post on my blog. I am excited to finally hit something rarer then the black auto! Although any color auto is nice, I'm not complaining about something else cool!

While my Fiance was sorting she found that the pictures didn't match! Check out the Starlin Castro photo variation! One in 1400 packs!

Starlin Castro looking cold at Wrigley in April most likely. I've been to Cubs and White Sox games in April and its usually in the 30 degree range. People from Chicago can attest to that (I lived there for 2 years but I am not from there)

A nice Chapman black refractor! Always nice to hit a good name. I like most guys that throw 100 MPH's, who doesn't? A nice Tanaka Refractor RC! Hope his elbow heals well and he comes back. I am not a Yankee fan but I am a fan of expanding baseball and he was good for the game. 

Finally hit a Met auto that I can trade over to Home Run Apple. I like Jose Ramirez's sig. It was like he wanted to use the entire card if they would let him!

Thanks for reading, 6 more to go!

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