Saturday, August 2, 2014

Welcome to Gint a Cuffs Part 1! (Packs 1-5 and boxloader!)

I decided to open the box loader first because I couldn't take the anticipation anymore. I had this sealed box sitting next to me for a few days before the rules were posted.. all day at work I'd day dream about the 24 rip cards I was about to pull! Needless to say the days were good! (spoiler alert, I did not pull 24 rip cards)

Let's get this party started!


It was a nice start to the box seeing the Bo Jackson. Always been a fan! 
Bo Jackson Box Loader: +8

Very first card is of course a Yankee. None other then not playing this year A-Rod.  
A Rod : -1
Andy Pettite Short Print: +1 (damn Yanks) 
Black Mini Carl Crawford FT: +1, +3 

Running Total: +12

Chris Sale FP: +2
Jeff Samardzija SP: +2
Jim Calhoun Black Mini: +3

Running Total: +19

Festivals and Fairs Day of the Dead: +2
Pastime's Pastimes Rickey Henderson: +2
Mini A&G Back Chris Sale FP: +3, +2 

Running Total: +28

A Dreaded Yankee Mariano Rivera: -1
Nolan Arenado SP: +2
Weak pack..

Running Total: +29

Clayton Kershaw FT: +1
Jayson Werth SP: +2

Running Total: +32

5 packs and a box loader down. Not the best average in the world. Still all 3 hits remain! 

I scanned every card so please check my math and make sure I didn't miss a point card. 

Everything is for trade as usual, I don't go after the Ginter set but it's a fun box to open. 

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. I'm trying to collect all the insert sets this year (reg. sized and minis) so I'd love to work out a trade for all of 'em once your box is busted! If interested, shoot me an email.

  2. Not a bad start to the box, especially with all of your hits still to come. I'll be interested to see how your box comes out.