Monday, August 11, 2014

Gint A Cuffs Last 4 packs!

I have not taken the selfie pic yet. I've been quite busy doing life stuff, which is fun but I have not had time to upload a selfie with my favorite card for +5. Depends how my total looks whether that will happen or not!

Onto the remainder packs!

Pack 21!

Starting at +138

Joe Morgan Pastime's Pastimes +2
Natural Wonders +2
Brett Gardner -1
Little Lions Sphynx +3

Running Total: +144

 Jackie Robinson FT +1
Jose Canseco A&G back +2
Paul Konerko SP +2

Running Total: +149

Sandy Koufax Pastime's Pastime +2, +1
World's Capitals +2

Running Total +154

Mark McGwire Pastime's Pastime +2
Natural Wonder +2

Running Total +158

That wraps up Gint A Cuffs! Fun as always! Selfie (maybe) to follow! I doubt I can win with 158 but hopefully I won't be in last place!

Greg the Heyward is put aside for you.
Chris if you want some inserts let me know or SP's etc.

Anyone else let me know if you want something!

Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Gracias! And I'm sure I'll need some base/inserts, depending on what you have left once I get around to putting together a needs list (and buying my box, etc etc haha).