Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So Much to do, So Much to Say

No reason for the title, just have the song stuck in my head. I am about to watch Philly vs. Vegas in the LLWS. It's been fun to watch a local team make it far in a tough tournament (I think its tough?). I quit playing little league in 6th grade. I was ok at baseball but I wanted to play hockey. I ended up playing Hockey, Basketball and Soccer through high school. Played 2 years of D3 soccer in college. That was my best sport because back then I could really run and I was fearless. Who knows how many concussions I actually had.. haha.

Onto card related musings.. Have some cool pickups that I made in the last month or so that I haven't had the opportunity to show!

This one is cool! I went back and forth with the seller a few times but it was a civil negotiation and I ended up with this patch out of 5 of Sebestain Valle (he threw in the base card for free, much appreciated)

What's nice about this patch is on the back, the disclaimer (can't think of the word atm) says it was game used in the futures game. It is not from some random game. It fits in well with some of the other patch type stuff I have shown. Collecting cards is fun! Chrome is a week away!

Fantasy football draft season is here as well! I have 6 drafts, 5 leagues (helping a buddy out who can't make his draft) Thankfully all of my drafts landed on different days! Also, 2 of them are in person which will be a lot of fun. If anyone wants to talk football I'm always up for it!

Thanks for reading!


  1. The patch is actually pretty cool, even to me as someone who looks at Valle and wonders if he is related to Dave Valle.

  2. That is a sweet patch! I have a few Futures game patches of Cole and Taillon.