Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cards from Brian!

I've been slow on sending and posting but I'm trying to maintain! I still love doing the blog and I'm hoping that doesn't change anytime soon. A quick thanks to Scott for getting a new trade going and getting me motivated to get some other packages together. I have 4 packages going out tomorrow and hope to have a few more done this month! (We shall see with work though) Regardless, I recently got some cards from Brian at Play at the Plate. The plays at the plate these days are less violent but I did see Elvis Andrus hand get stepped on in yesterday's Rangers game.

First week of baseball is in the books and it was a good one. Trevor Story hit 7 HR's, Eugenio Suarez is killing the ball and Curtis Granderson forgot to hit.

Check out the cards..

A few nice Rollin's and of course any Howards are appreciated. I am getting closer to getting organized on that front. I have 3 stacks of Howard's and I just need to go through my binders to find any stragglers! 

A sweet new relic! Always nice to add to the ever growing Phillies hit PC! Always fun to flip through those piles of cards. Maybe one day I'll binder them but the thickness of the relics makes me nervous to do that. Maybe just auto's that aren't high dollar.

Thanks for the cards and thanks for reading!


  1. I'm always looking for new ways to display cards. What fun are they if you can't look at them! I bought some ultra pro card stands to place some cards on a shelf. Those work nice if you have some space.

  2. That Rollins relic is blinding me. Jealous of how well your Phillies are playing