Saturday, April 23, 2016

I'm back!

I didn't really tell anyone I was gone, but now I'm back! I went to Florida last week for 5 days and scheduled up some posts! Very efficient of me. I received 2 card packages while away. Both awesome. I will scan this week and show off the goods. In the mean time what has been happening. I sent out 4 packages before I left, hope all 4 have landed safely. The Phillies have been playing semi decent. The offense isn't great and the bullpen is terrible but the young starting pitching is worth watching. In a season where they have 0 expectations, I will take that.

The Flyers pulled out 2 wins in a row so they won't be swept by the Capitals. We'll see if they have another win or 2 in them! Playoff hockey is fun.

The Eagles traded 35 picks or so for the rights to draft either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. I like the aggressiveness but I don't love the options. I wish they would've played out this season with Bradford then go hard after DeShaun Watson next year.

Also, Kickball can be dangerous. I sprained my ankle playing it recently, but its almost all healed up now. Life advice, don't roll ankles, it hurts.

In honor of David Price being way overpaid and killing my fantasy pitching stats this week.. I present the first way way way overpaid pitcher in baseball...

A Mike Hampton pack pulled auto! Wonder if I can sell it for 121 million...!

Happy Passover to those who celebrate and Thanks for reading!


  1. I once rolled an ankle on a trail run, stopped, took a few minutes to get over the pain and then took off again only to roll my other ankle three or four strides later... Your advice is sound, don't roll ankles! Also, a pack pulled auto is always a special treat, even if it's a nobody. At least Mike Hampton is a recognizable name!

  2. My ankles were susceptible to that too, back in my "athletic" days. I thought it was only me.