Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cards from Chad!

This post is long overdue. Several months ago my work colleague gifted me some sweet cards. He decided to get in a couple group breaks and open a box or two of bowman chrome. He kept what he wanted and then just gave me the rest! I can't complain.

Five autos! No idea personally if any of them are good, but who knows the next Trevor Story could be lurking in there!

Rookies galore! All the major rookies in the set, very nice of him to just give me the Bryant. I did inform him of what these cards sell for (not huge money I know but not nothing) He didn't care, and besides I'm not selling anyway. 

A bunch of color refractors! Noting held back here and much appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Woah, that's a pretty darn good haul to just get.

    Out of all of those prospects Jake Bauers might be the best. He's one of the prospects the Padres sent to Tampa Bay in the Wil Myers trade and he's one of the better first basemen in the minors.

    Jairo Labourt is also a name worth keeping an eye on as he was one of the prospects sent to Detroit (from Toronto) in the David Price trade. He's a boom or bust prospect.

    Everybody else (including Graves) shows some potential but for the most part those two are the more notable names.

  2. If you'd consider moving the Bauers, I'd be interested. I've got a pretty huge stack of Phils that I just need to pack up and send your way(sorry for the delay).