Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cards from the Junior Junkie!

I recently received a package from The Junior Junkie. He has one of the more impressive player collections I've ever seen. Makes my Ryan Howard and Frank Thomas collections look small! (That's a compliment) It's always a fun challenge to find a Griffey he doesn't have to send him. (I don't always succeed)

The Utley Triple Threads is one thick card. The Franco is a nice Prism refractor RC. I like those 1952 Topps reprints, they look nice next to the real one! I liked those John Kruk and Daulton only insert sets from the 90s. Daulton is a good guy, he was on the radio for a while locally til he got sick. He's getting better but I haven't heard if hes going to do any Phillies shows anymore.

Thanks for the cards and Thanks for reading!

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