Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cards from P-Town Tom!

Tough loss of Schwarber for Tom. Tom runs the blog Waiting til Next Year an homage to the Cubs mantra. Now the Cubs have all this young talent and the reigning Cy Young winner. Many pundits and prognosticators picked them to win it all. Wrigleyville would be awesome for the playoff run. I lived about 6 blocks from there for 2 years and it was always a fun time. When I lived there tickets were also super cheap, I went to a good amount of games at Wrigley. Now Phillies tickets are cheap since they aren't so good.

This is an embossed 'card' of Mike Schmidt. (I scanned it with the scanner bed open) No idea what set it came from but its definitely new to the collection!

Those cartoon cards are great. I very much enjoy them. A nice cross section of food issue type cards. Seems like everyone wanted in on baseball in the 90s. The mighty power of steroids..

Thanks for the cards, I'll be sure to get some nice Cubs out to you in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. You are quite welcome!
    The Schmidt "card" is from an over-sized Topps product called 3-D Baseball Stars from 1986. I bought a ton of those trying to get the Ryne Sandberg one back in the day.