Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Pair of PWEs!

Last week I received 2 PWEs from 2 fine gentleman. My man Wes over at Jay Barker's Fan! He runs all kinds of crazy contests and is a easy guy to swap cardboard with! Also, always be on the lookout for those rare Gary Redus's he is the one and only supercollector that I know of!

He sent me 2 awesome inserts from last year's Topps Archives! I'm slowly but surely putting this master set together. I'm probably only 20 or so cards away minus all the autos (but I have all the Phillies autos so thats something)

The photoshop jobs on these are quite interesting to look at. Almost seems like I could've copy and pasted but hey its cool.

The next PWE came from Marcus (Happy Birthday today as well!) over at Yellow Cardboard! He has 2 blogs but I wanted to highlight his newest one. His ode to Fleer 91 the set that shines.. darn I could've been on Fleers marketing team with that slogan.

 I like the Mr Krukker and its a fitting card for the blog he just started! Always appreciate a shiny Jimmy, one I don't think I had either. Mariano Duncan was always a favorite in the 90s!

Thanks both of you guys!

Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

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