Thursday, August 15, 2013

Can you feel it?! Gint a Cuffs V is here! Part 1

I opened this box for Gint a Cuffs over a week ago! I scanned all of the cards pack by pack (my first ever Ginter box) I will say I enjoyed breaking this box but I have no desire to collect them all. There was one insert set that was of interest so we just bought those real quick off ebay.

Sooo... I will post all of these cards and if you want to trade for any of the non phillies, offer me some phillies and we got a deal!

Also, sorry I did not scan the back of the mini's. I will post them as they are and scan them all in one big shot at the end to prove their point worthiness.

Pack 1
Yoenis Cespedes Across the Years -- +2
Pack total: 2
Running Total: 2

Pack 2
Ryan Howard Fav Player/Fav team -- +5
Alex Rodriguez Yankee/SP -- +1 
Mini Mo Rivera -- -1
Andy Pettite -- -1
Pack Total: 4
Running Total: 6

Pack 3
Jon Jay Fav Player -- +2
Jim Rice Across the years -- +2
Prince William Heavy Hangs the Head -- +3
Pack Total: 7
Running Total: 13

Pack 4
Olivia Culpo -- +1
One Little Corner Pluto -- +3
Freddie Freeman SP -- +2
Codes Ciphers Cryptographs Indus Script -- +3
RA Dickey -- +2 
Pack Total: 11
Running Total: 24

Pack 5
Joey Votto Across the Years Fav player -- +4
John Axford Mini Relic -- +10
Nick Swisher A&G Back Mini -- +2
Pack Total: 16
Running Total: 40

Pack 6
Tim Lincecum Across the Years Fav Player -- +4
Aroldis Chapman A&G Back -- +2
Pack Total:6
Running Total: 46

As you can see I at least hit a Puig base card in the first 6 packs! Not a bad start (I actually have no idea what a good score is). If you see any scoring errors please let me know and I will update. Stay tuned later when I type it up for Gint A Cuffs Part 2!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm probably the only square that likes looking at the base cards (though seeing the mojo is nice as well). Hadn't seen a few of these, including the Pierzynski and the Jennings cards. They look pretty sharp.

  2. If you're not collecting the base set, I'd very much like to trade for the Puig.

    Let me know either way por favor (e-mail, comment on one of my posts, Twitter, carrier pigeon, whatever whatever).