Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trade Bait Post -- Non-Baseball!

Last time I posted up some smattering of baseball hits for trade and that went well! I was able to complete a few trades and that's always fun. I am trying to unload my non Philadelphia area cards from the other sports, preferably for Philly area cards, Frank Thomas, Ryan Howard, or 2013 Bowman Silver Ice Parallels! I would entertain other cards of course but those are currently on top of the wish list and of course anything on the Want List (I have some random sets up there I'm trying to finish off!)

Without further adieu:

Eric Staal Dual relic (with a prime piece)
Dany Heatley Relic
Mikka Kiprusoff Relic
Guy Chouinard Auto (very legible too!)
Wade Leblanc/Ben Scrivens Dual Relic
Sergei Fedorov Patch relic 

Some decent hockey stuff. I will happily swap them straight up for Flyers cards! 

Here's some non hits but they are Rookies and numbered. Fuji any interest in the sharks? Andrew Desjardins, Tommy Wingels and Brian Fahey. 

I only have 3 non Sixers Basketball hits. The Harden is numbered out of 99(claimed). A Taj Gibson relic and High school Phenom Rashard Lewis Certified auto(claimed). 

Edit: My power went out in the middle of writing this post and I completely forgot to add the few Football cards I have as well! 

Lance Kendriks Auto
Paul Smith Auto
Dan LeFevour Auto
Marlon Barnes Relic
Deandre McDaniel Auto
Joe Klopfenstein Auto

And last but not least 2 Graded Rookies of Ndamukong Suh and Tim Tebow!

I know as a whole my baseball offerings tend to be more plentiful since I actively collect them. I picked up most of these in some random group breaks and hit drafts (whatever happened to those when I first got into blogging I was in like 10 of them!) 

If anyone has any interest in swapping some cardboard drop me a line brauer144 at gmail dot com or leave a comment!

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  1. Federov! I would love to work towards that and get it in our upcoming trade.