Monday, August 5, 2013

Unplanned Blog Haitus Mostly Over!

I am sure my 10s of readers out there noticed I did not post this past week. Nothing is wrong in Brad's Blog real world just work was kicking my butt and didn't have time to devote to my main hobby. I have a few cards to scan from some trades and a pretty awesome PWE! I forgot the cards were coming and then bam in the mailbox! I plan on doing the scanning tomorrow so I will get those posted and commentated shortly.

I decided to join Gint A Cuffs this year. Very excited to join in on the fun! I personally don't love A&G (more of a Shiny kind of guy) but I do love opening packs and having the shot at winning some free stuff! I hope I pull one of those DNA relic cards. They freak my girlfriend out so I'd probably sell it but it would be worth the reaction alone. (And Yes she reads this blog, hi honey!)

My last trading effort was very successful (Four trades, one post) (that's a good name for a rap song). Anyways, I am looking to unload some of my non baseball cards for baseball cards or Eagles/Sixers/Flyers cards. I don't have any interest in holding onto non Philly sports cards other then baseball. Look for that post in the next week or so!

Gint A Cuffs Here we go! (soon!)

And cause no post is complete without a picture here is one:

I put my deposit down last week on my one case of Topps Chrome! Can't wait to bust it in September! I plan on semi live blogging it like last time cause that was a lot of fun! I hope I can find the Howard super in my case that would make it much easier to go after the rainbow again!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooooooooooh, a case of chrome.

    If you don't pour all those cards out on the bed and have someone roll around in them, that's a lifetime opportunity wasted.

    1. Always wanted to pull a Scrooge McDuck