Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gint A Cuffs Recap!

I have completed my point posts (feel free to check my math) and decided to do a nice little wrap up post.

First here are the scans for the back of the minis. I learned my lesson for next year. I will scan the backs of every mini with the pack!

The rarest one I hit was the Alex Rodriguez. It's a short print A&G back. He is possibly the most hated man in baseball since someone else everyone hated in baseball. I won't be collecting any mini sets so if someone wants to swap me the Phillies minis for any of those cards please drop me a line!

The Jason Dufner is pretty cool considering he just won the PGA Championship! Can't say I watch much golf but I do have a mean mini golf stroke.

I got the expected 12 Short Prints. I get the whole set chase thing but there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason why certain players are short prints. If there is someone please enlighten me. Just seems like Topps picked random guys to insert one every 2 packs. 

One Little Corner is the favorite insert set. We already bought the whole set off ebay. So these three are for trade, Haumera, Pluto (it was still a planet when I was in school!) and Uranus (haha)! The three Civilizations of Ages Past cards are the Mayans, Swahili and Olmecs. And the three Palaces and Strongholds I received are The Bastille, Taj Mahal and Forbidden City. The Taj Mahal used to be a pretty cool casino back in the day. 

Honestly the inserts don't do a ton for me as a whole. I get why people like the oddness of Ginter but it feels the same as Goodwin.. and thats why I don't buy Goodwin. 

Here are the rest of the inserts I pulled. Not a bad mix of Across the Years. I like the concept more then last year's large insert set.

Here is the three hits! I really liked the framed relics. They look nice! I wish they wouldn't have replaced one of the framed relic hits with just a normal one.

Overall, I really enjoyed opening some wax and scoring for Gint a Cuffs! I love me some competition even if it is mostly luck of the draw (or maybe I love gambling ehh either way!)

As usual all the non Phillies are for trade, the Maury Wills and Puig base card have been claimed so I am holding them aside unless the deal doesn't work out (although I'm confident it will).

Hope everyone enjoyed seeing my Ginter box!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm interested in the Darvish, Bernstein and Prince William minis. Ill see what Phil's I have

  2. I'd be interested in any Cardinals you pulled.