Friday, May 16, 2014

A Few New Things!

This week has been a great week! Blog wise and life wise! Blogging wise after a bit of a hiatus from trading (I don't really have much in 2014 besides Phillies cards) there has been a flurry of activity. I completed a trade, got another package in the mail and am sending out three trades today! Can't wait for all the cool stuff coming back to me and hope everyone enjoys what I'm sending. Life wise, I had my birthday which was really fun and it's Friday!

Here's a few new things!

A Fleer Ultra printing plate! I don't always collect plates unless they are aesthetically pleasing. I think this one looks nice and is much clearer then some of the other plates out there. 

A Moments and Milestones one of one! Someone put this up as a buy it now for 5 bucks so I went for it! That's the first time I've seen one under 20! I know there is a million numbered cards in this set... but one day I will have them all! And then make wallpaper! 

Another Museum pickup. but not Ryan Howard. In my searching for Howard I came across this Schmidt. I have the circle relic from last year of Schmidt and thought it'd be cool to get this year too. It was under a blaster and cheaper then actually buying a pack of museum so I can't complain! Also looks nice on display!

Thanks to you traders out there keeping baseball cards fun!

And thanks for reading!


  1. I agree w/ you: for the plate to have a place in the collection, it can't just be that it's "1/1" (increasingly finding yellow, magenta, black, etc.), but it has to be of an image that proudly stands out. Just as your Howard does above. Nice one!

    I'm a big fan of the Museum Collection in general (and have started posting mine regularly on Monday's), and the Schmidt is another solid pick-up for Brad's Blog!