Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A heavy Museum Card! Silver Framed!

This is one of the heavier cards I own. I really like the metal in these and the on-card auto to boot. He's a hall of famer and a Phillies player so more then happy to add this to the collection!

None other then Silver signed Steve Carlton! (say that ten times fast)

Numbered out of 10 (hard to tell on the scan). And my scanner is a little dusty but the card itself is very clean. They are just neat cards, good idea by Topps. I don't think I'll ever buy a museum case but I'm more then happy to get a case hit this way! This is my 3rd autograph of Lefty. Him and Schmidt both have nice crisp signatures (readable!)

On another note, as all of you know I am going after Ryan Howard's from this year. I got beat out on the Copper parallel numbered out of 5. I put in a max bid at 45 and someone sniped me. Hopefully another pops up cause I feel like that was my only competition. They aren't particularly exciting cards, its just my insatiable need to own them all! (As collectors I hope you can relate) (if parentheses had friends I would be one of them)

Also on a really unrelated but awesome note, I am the first contestant on Wes's great blog Jay Barker Fan's Junk for Deal or No Deal! That is the one slot machine in Vegas my girlfriend and I would play. Mini story -- we were in Vegas and walked over to New york New York to check out the rollercoaster. The Coaster is right next to a video arcade. I can't resist some good gaming. My girlfriend and I were playing deal or no deal on the big machine. She had 400 tickets left and 5 tickets left. The banker offered 250 some odd tickets. I said mathematically take the deal! She was all like heeeelllls no and hit no deal without blinking an eye and boooooom FOUR HUNDRED Tickets! I jumped up and down like we had won a million dollars! Love deal or no deal!

Thanks Wes and Thanks for reading!

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  1. Phenomenal silver auto Carlton card! I don't collect Carlton or Phillies, but if I did, this would be a must have. Nice one.