Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Trade with Bob.. Walk the Plank!

I recently completed my first trade with Bob Walk the Plank! His blog name is a bit more creative then mine but that's ok, despite our creative differences we came to a quick and easy deal. I sent him all of my pirates trade bait and he sent me all of his Phillies trade bait! Trade bait that actually worked!

The only downside is I have no pirates hits left at the moment! But that's ok Bob Walk the Plank beefed up my Phillies collection quite a bit!

The Chooch auto is sweet, only my 2nd auto of his! The Rolen relic is a neat design for a card. The relic and the ticket in it. The Rollins Bowman sterling is nice because I'll never spend the money to open any of that product myself. 

The Randy Wolf auto is great! Used to love his super slow curve ball that he would always throw. Also, he had a nice fan following in Philadelphia, "The Wolfpack". A bunch of guys would dress up as wolves and do the Michael Jackson Thriller dance every time he got a strikeout.

 The Panini Prizm's are nice cards. I wish they had logos but as far as logoless cards go they did a decent job.  The relic in the middle of Bobby Abreu is just the front of the card.

The Marlon Byrd is the other side of said relic. I don't have many cards that are dual sided like that but I do like that type of design. I scanned a few of the extras that were thrown in as well.

Thanks for the trade, look forward to the next one if I come across any cool Pirates.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Glad everything arrived quickly. Looking forward to the next trade!

  2. Looks like a great trade, from here!

    I'm always happy when I see Allen & Ginter mini relics in colors other than white or gray. That red Victorino is striking.