Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trade with Home Run Apple!

I recently completed my first trade with The Home Run Apple! He is a Mets fan.. hey we can't all be perfect. But Thankfully, he likes Mets cards so I can send them to him and he can send me back Phillies! Works perfectly! I sent him basically all of my Mets trade bait (at this time) and he sent me a nice package of Phillies back. Whenever I get some more Mets will let you know!

Check out the fun!

There's a gaggle of mini's. None of which I believe I had because they were in products before I started collecting again after a 16 year hiatus (damn 16 years!) There's a pretty sweet Rollins relic. Big fan of the frames on Ginter and Gypsy Queen. Cole Hamels, the Phillies 142 million dollar man has to start pitching like an ace but regardless nice card!

The two 'bigger' hits were from Triple Threads! The DOC is the gold version numbered out of nine! I like triple threads, its unique.. just too expensive, but more then happy to trade for Phillies!

Thanks for the fun trade! I am now up to 80 Relics/autos of Ryan Howard! Pretty freakin' awesome! I traded for a lot of those so many thanks to everyone out there!

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  1. I think keith was happy when I told him about you. He has a habit of pulling phillies and reds.