Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trade with the Card Chop!

I recently completed a trade with a Braves fan from The Card Chop! He expressed interest in one of my braves cards and we quickly came to an agreement! Hopefully the Phillies can overcome the Braves in the standings this year!

Check out some of the wares!

Something to see on each row. The Mike Schmidt card on the top left is from Topps HD! Definitely a new card that I haven't seen before. Very nice. I like the manufactured patches that look good too. Always like a World Series patch because that means your team was in it! I really hope it doesn't take 15 years to go back. The back to back world series appearances were too much fun not to do again!

Another random card!

This wasn't part of the trade but I have a lot of things scanned card!

A nice Rookie bat relic! Part of my Ryan Howard collection, naturally! I was able to snag this card with a few others for about 10 bucks. I was pleased with the deal since usually people ask 20+ just for the relic alone. It goes nicely with the autographed version!

Thanks for reading!

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