Monday, November 19, 2012

Ebay Seller comes through

Recently (September) I purchased a card on ebay and the ebay seller contacted me saying that he could not find the card. He did give me the option to wait or get a refund. I decided to wait cause I preferred the card over the money (hence why I bought it). After a few weeks and not hearing anything I sent another e-mail. The card was still not found so he offered a replacement item instead. I told him that I am interested in anything philly related and would take memoribilia or cards. I got an e-mail back saying he would check. Two days later I get another e-mail saying he didn't have anything. The timeline is a little messed up but I dont feel like checking the e-mail history.

I know paypal/ebay have a time limit for dispute and at this point I had little recourse but to write off the money. Near the end of October he said he was going to list a bunch more item and to take a look and see if I was interested. One of the pieces of memoribilia caught my eye and I asked if I could get that item instead. The dealer agreed and said he would send it that following Monday.. 2 and a half weeks later the item arrived. Thankfully I am very happy with the package and there was 2 extra bonuses inside.

Bonus #1:

Three sepia refractors from 2012 chrome. I added all 3 to my trade bait page but I'll never say no to having these thrown into a trade. They're way too nice.

Bonus #2:

A signed postcard of an Eagles legend Chuck Bednarik. He was the quarterback on the last Eagles Championship in 1960 and as you can see was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1967.

Main Event!!!

A dual signed auto ball of Ken Griffey Sr and Ken Griffey Jr!!! Both autos are very legible and there is a sticker COA on the other side of the ball (no letter though). It was worth the wait to get these items in the mail even though it wasn't even close to what I originally ordered. 


  1. That seems like it could be a pretty good replacement but what was the original item?

    1. The original item was a Bryce Harper sepia refractor that i had bought as a buy it now for 49.95 shipped