Monday, November 26, 2012

Two New Frank Thomas Cards!

Shockingly I did not complete a trade this evening. I love trading so as always if you have any phillies I'm listening. My next mini project is to get a list of all the Phillies relic/autos I have up so everyone can see what I already have (although I usually will trade for doubles of those). Then I want to get more into vintage and get my team set lists together. Thanks to Jason I have a base to work with and just need to get some checklists together. I'm going to a large show in early December and plan on acquiring some vintage cards then. The main target will be a 1952 Richie Ashburn at a not insane price. We will see if that comes to fruition.

That paragraph had nothing to do with the title. Just wanted to share with everyone my 2 latest Frank Thomas additions.

First we have a 1996 Leaf Steel card. The original protective film as you can see is still on the card. I have no plans to free it. I'm a big fan of these cards, its actually metal! Its a real cool card and a real nice addition.

This apparently is a Gold plated card from 1996 as well. I had never seen it before and when I stumbled upon it on ebay I had to grab it. For under 10 bucks it was worth it. It came in this nice screwdown case and the card itself is real detailed and shiny. If anyone could give me some color on what set these come from that'd be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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