Monday, November 12, 2012

Triple The Fun

In the past couple of months I picked up a few triple threads cards off of Ebay. I was curious how 2012 would look and overall I'm not impressed but I like some of the sayings on the cards so I decided to pick up a couple.

First we have an offering from 2011 Triple Threads, I only picked this card up cause of the Ryan Howard on it but the other guys are pretty good. I have nothing bad to say about a Giants great and Prince continues to mash the ball in Detroit with his 200 million dollars. It's a real nice low numbered Howard to add to my growing Phillies collection.

This next card is from 2012 Triple Threads and apparently the guy likes to smile a lot.. at least thats the explanation they give. He is full of fun and smiles. No wonder the Nationals are winning again they have this guy (and oh yea he pitched like a cy young candidate most of the year). 

Serial Grinner

 This next card is a hall of famer dual sided relic.. one side makes sense to me.. since it is an event that happened. The other side.. is just amazing.

And George Brett goes nuts on the umpire!

As a side note I added even more cards to my trade bait list including my Chrome from this year and last year. 

Fear the Mullet!


  1. Nice Lefty Launchers card, I actually have 08/10 for my McCovey collection. Always nice to see my favorite player featured somewhere else!