Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Auto and a Silhouette!

My Ryan Howard collection has done quite well the past couple of weeks. I'm really enjoying going rainbow hunting and I happen to run into all kinds of other cards that I have to have along the way. (It's like when you go to the LCS for supplies and buy 3 boxes). I have resisted the urge to bust any wax cause I don't have the funds for that and my team set goals and my Ryan Howard goals. Although busting wax is fun, I end up with stacks of base cards that I don't need or want.

I will save my wax busting for either 90s shiny cards (if I see a cheap fun break at the card show I'm not above it) and for my yearly Topps Chrome case break. Breaking a case is awesome to do in small doses. I have never done more then one so I don't know what its like to do 10 or more like some of the big breakers out there. When I hit the powerball I'll be sure to do some 10 plus case breaks and give all the cards away.

Check out some new additions.. An Auto and a silhouette!

The Silhouette is a cool looking card from this year's Panini's Pastime's. It's low numbered and I believe I paid less then 5 dollars for it. The floating head look is interesting, never quite understood that whole design dynamic, but it doesn't bother me. I am a fan of home run swings though. You hit it, you earned it! (I realize that only made sense to me in my head)

I like framed cards. I like on card autos. I like Ryan Howard. I like framed cards on card autos of Ryan Howard. This card just checked so many boxes I had to have it. It's a nice centerpiece (The Big Piece haha) (bad joke). He's smiling in this photo which is unusual in this day and age of action photos. I like action photos too just nice to see something different on this particular framed on card auto beauty.

On a more serious note. Everyone's friend Napkin Doon made the conscious decision to stop writing* (* at least for now he can always come back). Now send him all your arkansas running backs and rangers before he leave leaves! He will like that.

Anyways, I like baseball cards and trading and writing for fun. I also like beaches and not snow.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Very nice looking cards. I really like the silhouettes card. I hope there is a Teixeira one for my PC.