Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trade with Reader Brandon and a nice surprise PWE!

I recently completed a quick and easy trade with reader Brandon. He e-mailed me and said he wanted 2 cards from my trade bait and offered 2 cards! Quick and easy deal! Quite pleased with my end, hope he got his cards safely!

The Dutch auto is pretty cool. It was signed in person but has a COA. I loved those bazooka cards when I was a kid. Lavoy Allen is a local favorite. I cheered for him when he was at Temple and he gets some decent minutes with the Sixers. Hopefully when the Sixers rise back to prominence after this year's draft and when they sign LeBron, he will be apart of it. 

This awesome Big Hurt card was given to me by an awesome blogger Swing and a Pop up! 

Any new Frank Thomas is greatly appreciated!

Excited for baseball! And the olympics! Big month of sports coming up!

The Ryan Howard 2014 Collecting is starting well too. Since my last post I picked up the blue, purple and gold parallels!

Only missing:

Upper Class insert
Platinum out of 1
Red Hot Foil
Clear Parallel numbered out of 10
4 Printing Plates

The Upper Class insert and Red hot foil shouldn't be too tough. The clear parallel's are going for crazy money and none of the other ones have surfaced as far as I know!

The thrill of the chase!

Thanks for the trades and cards and Thanks for reading!

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