Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bound For Glory!

I was on a mini quest to pick up the 1996 Spx set and insert set. I really love the look of these holographic cards and wanted to add them to my collection. I waited patiently for the auctions to pop up and I was able to nab the set and insert set for 26 dollars combined! One day I'll get the gold set and Griffey/Piazza autos to complete the master set but I'm happy with the basics for now.

Check out these 10 players that were Bound for Glory in 1996!

Barry Bonds -- He had some glory with his historic offensive seasons. Then he fell from grace with the Clear and the Cream that he may or may not have used. 

Manny Ramirez -- He had some glory with his world series victories. Then he decided Estrogen and avoiding 50 games suspensions by retiring was a good idea. 

Ken Griffey Jr -- Never won a World Series but by all accounts put up his numbers clean and is well liked throughout baseball. He will be in the hall of fame in a couple of years.

Tony Gwynn -- A hitting machine and another hall of famer.

Frank Thomas -- A personal favorite and just entered the hall.

Cal Ripken Jr -- The Iron Man and another All timer!

Chipper Jones -- Just retired and should be a Hall of Famer in my opinion. Maybe won't get in on the first ballot but will after that. 

Mike Piazza -- Not my personal favorite but by all accounts one of the best offensive catchers of all time. He might get into the Hall in a few years.

Roberto Alomar -- Had a nice run, didn't get a great rep when he spit on that umpire though. 

Greg Maddux -- One of the best and most accurate pitchers ever. I watched him destroy the Phillies for years. 

Out of 10 players I would say SPX did a pretty good job of picking them. If it wasn't for the steroid allegations there would be more Hall of Famers then 6 in this group! I love the way these scan too, the Holograms really pop out and look cool. 

Still on the Ryan Howard quest! I will get a want list up soon so everyone can help me out! 

Thanks for reading!

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