Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Weekend! Some mail and other Musings!

I haven't posted much this week due to mostly being under the weather. I am back on the way up though so I figured let's post! (and go out and do something!) The mail has been a little slow due to the weather last week but I have had some stuff trickle in and it's all awesome! Love mail that are not bills.. although who gets bills in the mail anymore. It's all email these days.

Olympic hockey has been good I think. I was cheering for the USA yesterday but they just weren't able to get a puck in the net. I hope they win the bronze this morning against Finland.

Also, I received the sports illustrated swimsuit issue. I picked up a subscription over a year ago with some frequent flier miles. I never re upped it and they still continue to send me magazines. SI rep if you're reading this feel free to cancel.

I received a really nice relic from Judson at My Cardboard Habit! I definitely owe him some nice Rangers or some other such things. I am going to a card show in a couple weeks (the big King of Prussia show!) I will be on the lookout for something nice to send back.

My first Orlando Cepeda relic. They are really nice in hand.

As all of you know, I collect Ryan Howard.. what post would be complete without a new pickup! I was excited to see this one up for auction and not just at a out of my price range buy it now. It's hard to find and I was able to get it at a reasonable price!

The only 'bad' part of the card is the sticker auto. Otherwise, I really like the design, the picture the placement of the relic, all good things. It's numbered 31 out of 50 on the bottom right. Another nice piece to add to the never ending player collecting puzzle.

I have made good progress on 2014 Topps Ryan Howard. He's not in Topps Tribute so there are no parallels to chase. I know he is in Topps Turkey Red so the base card and any of the printing plates (if they show up) I will try and get.

I haven't been trading a ton lately, but I'm thinking in March and April I will start posting some trade bait that I'd like to move for Phillies cards. I haven't bought any new cards besides Ryan Howard but maybe some of you will want some of my other stuff!

Thanks for reading!

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