Monday, February 3, 2014

Ryan Howard Super Awesome Rainbow attempt! 2014 Collecting Goal!

I have officially decided to throw my hat into the proverbial collecting ring. My goal this year is to collect every variation of Ryan Howard in 2014 from every Topps set. Hopefully, I can make some trades along the way or people can give me a heads up for some of the harder ones to find!

As everyone knows Topps Series 1 has released, so my quest has begun.


Target Red
Yellow Retail 
Camo out of 99
Black out of 63
Pink out of 50
Upper Class relic out of 99
Silk numbered out of 50
Power Player code card

Upper Class insert
Gold Parallel out of 2014
Platinum out of 1
Red Hot Foil
Clear Parallel numbered out of 10
4 Printing Plates
Walmart blue
Toys R US Purple

Please correct me if I missed one. The bold and italicized ones I either have or they are on the way. Any help with the remainder is greatly appreciated! I need 8 more variations (including the 1/1's) I'll consider it a success without the 1/1's, but if they happen to surface I will go after them.

And just to stick with the theme here's a new Ryan Howard card I recently received:

 A pretty sweet on card auto from Ginter! Love the look and eye appeal of this card.

Anyone have any Howard's for trade?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don't have a single 2014 Howard. If I run across something I'll let you know!