Saturday, February 15, 2014

Welcome to the 50 Club!

As Groucho Marx famously remarked "I would never join a club that would have me as a member." Ryan Howard has entered the 50 homer club in his career. This card celebrates that fact!

For a card numbered out of 3 the patches are decent. I do think the card background is pretty though. It does pop when scanned in. 

On a completely unrelated note, Valentine's Day went real well. My plan to bring home flowers on the day and the nice arrangement delivered the next day as a complete surprise went over real well. Take notes guys haha. 

This guy knew that Ryan Howard would enter the 50 Homer club one day:

This is an interesting card from Bowman. It's the scout that helped write the book on Howard when he was younger.

I don't have it scanned but he said this

Get out the tape measure Outstanding Size (6-4, 220) and strength, with body type to add at least 30 pounds of muscle.. Could be fearsome if he does that.. Low-ball hitter.. Understands the zone.. Biggest roadblock is strikeout tendency.. Adequate first basemen.

-Basketball was first love as youth
-Grandfather played sandlot with Willie Mays
-Freshman All-american in college
-Hit 19 HR's last year at SW Missouri State

Let's see how the scout did. Ryan Howard is big, no doubt about that. He's now listed at 240 pounds so added about 20 pounds. He sure does have power. He has hit over 300 Home Run's in his 10 year career. I would say he was fearsome (hopefully can re capture that magic) through the Phillies great run in the past decade. He sure does strikeout a lot! 1401 times in his career. He should easily get to 1000 RBIs this year. Which will make him and Mike Schmidt the only Phillies in history to have 300 HR and 1000 RBI. I know its not the best stat these days but still great to see him among the most productive players in Phillies history.

I would say this was a big win for the scouts! A ROY, a MVP and a world series title! Nothing wrong with that!

Thanks for reading!

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