Friday, February 28, 2014

Topps Tribute!

As everyone who collects baseball cards knows 2014 Topps Tribute hit the stands a few days ago. They are quite expensive as usual and promises 4 autos and 2 relics per box. I've seen some cool hits but nothing that I could justify for the risk of opening. I don't have any of the 2014 Tribute cards but I was able to grab 2013 Tribute lot for cheap! For about 2 bucks I picked up all these Phillies!

The Ryan Howard on the top left is the blue variation. It was nice to get the big three in pitching (now the big 2 since Halladay retired) I like the old pinstripe uniforms that Schmidt is pictured in. All in all a positive experience with Tribute for me.

Sneak preview!.. I had some massive gets in my 2014 Topps Ryan Howard quest. I've been aggressively searching and buying and it's going quite well! Once the next one comes in I will have a nice little picture gallery for everyone!

Also as a complete aside, we had our NES refurbed and it works great! Just bought Zelda off ebay and I can't wait to play it again!

Thanks for reading!

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