Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trade with the Sandlot!

I recently completed my first trade with The Sandlot! It was a quick and easy deal and I'm quite pleased with my end of it. I decided to trade for a card cause I have no idea where my copy went.

Check em out!

 Look at all the Frank's! Soon to be official Hall of Famer! Always happy to be adding new cards to this collection! It's come along awesomely lately!

I really like the electric diamond parallels from 1994 Upper deck! The card on the top left has some sort of raised border on it thats pretty neat! 

This is the card I wanted but I didn't. I am not a huge Jeter fan, but he is a future hall of famer and I could not find this rookie card in my collection. I have this one and the score select. One day I'll get the SP but I don't want to pay a lot for it. Always willing to trade though! 

Thanks for the trade and thanks for reading! 

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