Monday, February 4, 2013

1960 Mickey Mantle!!

I took a short weekend break from the blog due to mainly being busy and going out! I had my fun and now back to the Mantle countdown! Everyone's favorite colorful set 1960!

I like the lettering as I'm sure everyone else does. It's a nice posed shot and then the little picture on the left hand side. The card itself just has that mark up top but other then that its in pretty solid shape. I don't know what it would grade and I don't particularly care!

I enjoyed the super bowl for what it was, a decent game with some controversy. I am an Eagles fan so I wasn't really cheering for anyone in particular. (And my fantasy team has been long eliminated)

On another unrelated note I retrieved the case I should previously and its awesome! It has 2 hooks on the top so it can hang right up on the wall. I'll be sure to take a picture once I get it filled up!

And yet another unrelated note, I am continuing my ebay sales of my Magic Cards, the first 5 are gone and the next 5 are currently up (ends Wednesday) ebay link If you're into Magic I'm listing a near mint Juzam Djinn and a beat up Beta Sinkhole so some good stuff!

Thanks for reading! I've enjoyed looking at everyones 2013 Topps posts. I've yet to get any myself but I'm sure I will eventually!


  1. Of course I like the lettering! The painful part of being a spectator throughout this countdown is the older the cards, the better they're getting... And, astronomically out of (my) range.

    Another great looking Mantle card in your enviable collection.

  2. Beautiful card! I'm jealous. One of these I need to track down some of Mickey's cards from his playing days.

  3. Need a list from you to get the tradebait draft started.

  4. Thanks for the help on the Magic auto, lol. You beat me to the google machine. I'm just getting back into blogging this year again. I'll add you to my reading list. So many new people started blogs when I was out.

    Nice Mantle. I love vintage.

  5. Yes, I'm back again today just to gawk in appreciation of this card.