Friday, February 1, 2013

1961 Mickey Mantle!!!!!!!

We are almost done the 60s and getting into the rarer Mickey Mantle cards. The 1961 set is a nice simplistic design but its look elegant in its design (yes I just grammatically destroyed that sentence).

The card itself is a bit off center but the rest of it is real nice and clean. I like the look away from the camera shot hes doing in this picture. I'm sitting here watching hockey and talking about baseball and the super bowl is this weekend. Trifecta of sports!

Today I was a little late for work, not cause I overslept or anything like that, because I was trying to figure out paypal. Ebay and paypal don't tell you all the little things you need to do when you decide to sell some stuff. I've used my girlfriend's ebay account quite a bit and am selling some mtg cards through there. I had my paypal linked but didn't change the email address. When the customers paid unbeknownst to me the payment went to her paypal not mine! Ok no problem I'll just gift the money from her to me. But wait shes not verified so first I have to link a bank account to her account so she can receive the money and then gift it. So I essentially gift myself and the payment won't go through. Even though my bank account is verified I forgot to verify my email! Happy ending though I was able to transfer the money and all is right in the world, but that was a fun little online wire transfer adventure!

That was a good way to make a long story ... long.

Can't wait to go to the post office tomorrow! I am picking up the last 2 Mantles (required signature confirmation) They are going to look sweeeeeeet together!

Happy Wing Bowl day (even though it ended around 10 am) and Happy eve of the eve of the Super Bowl!

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